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Deep Tissue Massage Services in Platteville, WI

Trigger Point Therapy 

Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy is a highly effective non-drug and non-surgical approach to relieving muscular pain and dysfunction. Myofascial Trigger Points are irritable, tight spots in taut bands of muscle which are painful when pressed, and which project (refer) pain to other muscles in predictable patterns specific to each muscle.

How does Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy work?

By locating and treating trigger points as well as the referred pain, I help patients achieve pain relief and prevent recurrence.

What causes Trigger Points?

Accidents, over- or under-use of muscles, ergonomic imbalances or structural asymmetry in the body (such as unequal leg length) can all cause trigger points.

Can they get worse?

Once trigger points develop, they may cause long lasting chronic pain and dysfunction to nearby muscles unless properly treated. Poor nutrition, sleep deprivation, prolonged physical or mental stress and other factors can activate or perpetuate trigger points. 

Why isn't Myofascial pain better understood?

Myofascial pain is often misdiagnosed or mistreated because the pain caused by trigger points is rarely at the location of the trigger points. For example, forearm pain is often caused by trigger points in the upper arm, shoulder or even the neck.

Who should come for treatment?

Infants to adults in their nineties plus can benefit from MTPT - in short anyone suffering from Myofascial pain. I can be of particular help to those wishing to limit the use of pain-killing drugs or avoid surgery. I achieve the best (and fastest) results with patients willing to take a hand in their own recovery.

Swedish & Deep Tissue Massage

Swedish Massage 

Swedish massage uses firm but gentle pressure to promote relaxation, ease muscle tension and create other health benefits.

  • Pressure is adjusted to the clients preference ranging from a lighter firm touch to a deeper pressure. 
  •   Includes some deeper work on areas of specific muscle tension. 

Deep Tissue Massage 

Deep Tissue is aimed at the deeper tissue structures of the muscle and fascia (connective tissue). Same movements as the Swedish massage but the pressure is generally more intense. It is a more focused type of massage with the purpose of releasing chronic muscle tension or knots (adhesions).

Benefits of both 

  • Promotes deep muscle and tissue relaxation 
  • Alleviates stress 
  • Releases toxins 
  • Relieves pain 
  • Improves circulation 
  • Calms the nervous system 

Hot Stone Massage 

Moist heat from the stone penetrates deep into sore, tired muscles and achy joints bringing instant relief and relaxation.

Benefits of Hot Stone 

  • Improves circulation which further accelerates the healing process 
  • Calms nervous system 
  • Acts to rebalance body and mind 
  • Moist heat from the stones helps the superficial muscles relax allowing easier access to the deeper muscles 


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