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Professional Massage Services in Platteville, WI

HealthWise Therapeutic Massage LLC is a home based business run by Massage Therapist Gwen Sargent. I’ve been massaging since 2005 and started HealthWise Therapeutic Massage LLC in 2010. Helping people reduce if not eliminate pain in a drug free non-surgical way is the reason I became interested in Massage Therapy.

I partner with my clients to find their sources of pain (often more than one) and/or dysfunction in order to best manage the condition, if not free them of it when possible.  This is done through the various massages techniques I have learned over the years, educating the client or giving home exercises such as stretches or range of motion exercises when necessary.

For example:

People with headaches at the base of the skull often have “trigger points” or “tight spots” in the lower portion of the trapezius. The trapezius is a beautiful muscle that starts around the base of the skull, drapes down and across the shoulders to end 2/3rds of the way down the back on either side of the spine.  Doing compressions in the area around and just below mid-back when headaches occur can often reduce or get rid of this type of headache.  Compressions can be done by using a tennis ball against a wall just don’t go over your spine when doing that.

My goal is to get the client back to their full range of motion pain-free; and assist with stress reduction as well as bring an all over sense of well-being.

Call, text, or email for an appointment.  Since this is a home environment walk ins are NOT welcome.  Park in the driveway or street and use the side entrance (off of driveway).  Thank you.



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